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Africa gave civilization to the world through her unique creative ideas such as the Egyptian Pyramids but as I watch the trend of global events daily, my heart aches as I discover that the one who gave the civilization is the last on the queue of relevence.

Statistics has it that Africa has only about 0.1% content representation on the Internet!

But hope lies ahead because, for example, African modes of creative expression are receiving attention as the whole world seeks to understand the thinking of Africans who are responsilble for and support developments in the continent and in the world at large.

The African, long regarded as a lay figure in the African scene, whose role was to be manipulated by those of presumed superior culture, has suddenly come to life.

The dynamic quality of our traditions, the subtlety of our skill in ordering human relations, and adaptability to change, are increasingly being recognised.

Below is a poetic work by David Diop that captures the not-too-common information on our continent, the continent called AFRICA.

AFRICA - David Diop

Africa my Africa
Africa of proud warriors in anscestral savannas
Africa of my grandmother's singing
Along the banks of her far-off river
I have never known you
But my gaze is charged with your blood
Your beautiful black blood spread abroad over the fields
The blood of your sweat
The sweat of your labour
The labour of your slavery
The slavery of your children.
Africa tell me Africa
Is it you, then, this back that bends
And sinks under the weight of humility
This trembling striped back
That says yes to the whips on the noonday roads?

Then a gravely voice answered me:
Impetuous son, that young and robust tree
That tree over there
Splendidly alone midst white faded flowers
It is Africa your Africa that springs up again
Springs up patiently obstinately
And whose fruits ripen with
The bitter flavour of freedom.

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