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The beginning of Certifications for 'Gbenga Sesan

Here he goes...

"I am as a wonder unto many, but you O Lord, are my great refuge"

'Gbenga Sesan

...pioneering beyond imaginations

Born to a family of six (four kids, one dad and one mum) on Wednesday, the 27th of July, 1977 at 8:02pm, little did anyone know what the crying baby would love to become.
Mr. Joshua Olaniran Sesan, my father, first mentor and a retired teacher taught me that life always turns out to be what you planned, only if you care to be persistent enough. His academic background (History and English) has formed an unimaginable foundation for my career pursuit and other personal interests.

March 25, 1972, my dad's dream of being the only man in her life came to be when he heard the pastor say, You may now kiss the bride. When he lifted the veil and saw Ms. Dorcas Bobola Olanimodesi Ajayi's face, he knew that his dreams had come true! Mrs. D. B. Sesan, my mum and public speaking mentor, is a Nurse by profession, a Principal Health Sister by designation. She would likely be a retired nurse by the time the counter on this site hits 2,000 (sometime later in the year). She teamed up with daddy to lay the foudation that we enjoy today, as their kids! She loves travelling and I guess she donated that to me on a larger scale! Don't tell anyone that I said my mum taught me about business :-)

My parents share the same month (3rd and 20th April). A quiz for anyone: Whose birthday is the 20th? And whose is the 3rd?. Well, I always say that my mum's medical expertise and my dad's mathematical tendencies aided in the beautifully arranged dates we were born. Tunde, the first and a meek dude with a dynamic Gospel R&B voice, came to this planet on the 24th of July. Jumoke's birthday is the 4th of July. Wait before you shout coincidence! Jumoke is married to Oniyide Oluwatosin and laptop loving Irawo is their first baby. I'm the third of four (75%) and I share the same day with Tosin, our Baby of the House (Provided dad and mum come up with no surprise!) You could call April our Parent Month and July our Kiddies Month, but the truth is that I'm so proud of the array.

Tunde is into Language Arts by training, Jumoke is an Accountant and it looks like Tosin will align herself with the Financial service Industry too. We all love the Lord and have no part with religion without the authentic mandate of God!

What else do you want to know? Talk to Me and you may just find it on this page when next you visit.

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