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The future @ the speed of the DOT

“I just added the furniture to my shopping cart”, he said. And the meeting was still in progress. He passed the sugar as she added a little more to his tea. Akin, his son, is watching the much-talked about basketball game, Linda is enjoying the latest from Ludlum. They’re all on the breakfast table.

He called the meeting to a close and focussed on the meal, shutting out every other eParticipation. He sent a mail to Akin who bookmarked the slide number in order to continue later, Linda switched to audio mode and it was time to eat in this plane of existence. Breakfast was ordered from the nearest eatery but milk had to come from far away Austria.

While eating, Sarah, the mother of three and an employee of a dotcom two continents away, told the story of how she submitted her assignment while heating the water. The eSrceen was on and John, the eldest of the kids also enjoyed the spirit of the meal even though he was in the car, on his way to Clara’s. Distance didn’t matter anymore, all walls had collapsed.

All activities are possible from the same location courtesy of the UNP (Universally Networked Points) which existed in every wired brain and is powered by the Global Sever, placed in the core of the Sun and with a UPS located in Pluto, all for increased efficiency.

The furniture was ordered through the mind: release of financial information, contact address and actual transaction. Did I hear someone say “Thank God for WAP and Bluetooth?” Well, transactions don’t usually take up much of the CNR (Central Nervous Resources), just about 2.9876564% which leaves room for eWorking (just about 3% of the CNR) and another Social eSociety (not much resource needed for that, just 0.1234512%).

Well, what you just read is what I call the eFuture, a product of the influence of the digital revolution on our present-day society. Genetic codes, Convergence, eCommerce, iCommunity, eWorking and maybe we'll soon have the $#@%^&! (don't ask me for the meaning, I don't know either, I just see it coming...). The possibilities are endless! You need a WebSite before you become due for the museum. Talk to the nigerianwebmaster now.

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