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'Gbenga Sesan @ saa Technology, Abuja. March 2002.

'Gbenga Sesan with Professor Wole Soyinka on his investiture as Nigeria's Information technology Youth Ambassador @ the MUSON Centre. January 2002.

'Gbenga Sesan @ AIESEC Ife Management Seminar, OAU, Ife. March 2002.

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From May 27, 2002, 'Gbenga Sesan joins other ICT experts in the city of Bamako, Mali, for the African Regional Preparatory Conference for the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS)


'Gbenga Sesan, born at 8:10am on Wednesday, July 27 1977, is presently Nigeria's Information Technology Youth Ambassador. He is a Youth Fellow (Africa 2001) of the International Telecommunications Union and holds a certificate from Junior Achievement of Nigeria and Lagos Business School's Venture in Management Programme. He is a Brainbench® Certified HTML Expert, a Brainbench® Certified Computer Fundamentals Expert and is a member of The HTML Writers' Guild. He also holds a Diploma in Software Application.

'Gbenga's career objective is to build an efficient, impacting and world-class career in eCommerce; in the areas of Consulting, National Development & Global Participation, Training and Deployment; through Personal Development, Team Work and Corporate Synergy.

'Gbenga's work experience includes Neural Technologies Limited, where he designed websites and trained clients and Junior Achievement of Nigeria, where he is a program assistant, maintains the organisation's website and will coordinate the Digital Village project. 'Gbenga has designed many websites, some of which are www.cyberschuul.com and www.boss-nigeria.com.

'Gbenga is an author of various Information Technology seminar papers and articles, which have been published by national dailies and on international organizations' websites. He has presented papers at national seminars, he (along with another youth fellow) represented Nigeria in the last African ITU Youth Forum and has been interviewed and featured by various media houses including This Day newspaper, The Comet newspaper, The Punch newspaper, Insider Weekly magazine, Tribune newspaper, Daily Champion newspaper, Daily Times newspaper, Vanguard newspaper, Financial Standard, IT & Telecom Digest magazine, Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), Africa Independent Television (AIT), Murhi International Television (MiTV), Voice of Nigeria (VON), AllAfrica.com, CNN Inside Africa and the British Broadcasting Corporation.

'Gbenga's present research work focuses on Bridging the Digital Divide. He leads a present initiative called Paradigm Initiative Nigeria and is a pioneer member of the African Youth Initiative. One of his past projects involved the presentation of a memorandum (sponsored by The Executive Cyberschuul and supported by other youths from Nigeria, Kosovo, Zambia and Gambia) at the Senate Committee on Science and Technology's public hearing on Information and Communications Technology, a project which received the commendation of Philip Emeagwali.

From May 27, 2002 (with four other young Africans awarded the International Telecommunications Union's Telecommunication Development Bureau (ITU-BDT) Fellowship) 'Gbenga will join other Global ICT experts in the city of Bamako, Mali, for the African Regional Preparatory Conference for the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS). While there, he will participate in a Round Table on the theme Transforming the Digital Divide into Digital Opportunities, among other solution-inclined activities that will help Africa bridge the Digital Divide effectively.

'Gbenga Sesan will on July 27, 2002 launch his personal website at www.gbengasesan.com, and he says the website will help motivate the Nigerian Youth, be a beacon of light for Nigeria, be an entry into the world of Information Technology, be an avenue for him to serve his generation, and serve as an electronic archive of his life, thoughts and works.

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